Bi-Monthly Meetings:

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January 10, 2019

Address:  6303 Indiana at 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Speaker: Molly Manning Employment Law Attorney  Topic: Termination Procedures


March 14, 2019

Address:  6303 Indiana at 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Speaker: Noe Salazar  with the Office of the Attorney General   Topic: Employer Responsibility

Employer Responsibilities Overview – Synopsis

Texas employers play a key role in improving the economic security of children who rely on child support to cover many of their basic needs. This imperative function is often viewed as a burden to those responsible for conducting communication with the Texas Child Support Division. This one-hour presentation provides a general overview of the responsibilities and best practices for Texas employers to better fulfill their key role with the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division as we partner together to help the children of Texas together.


May 9, 2019

Address:  6303 Indiana at 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Special Guest: 
Heather Reynolds, MBA, GBDS    TOPIC: 
Julie Barnhill

Heather Reynolds, MBA, GBDS

Julie Barnhill

SPECIAL TOPICS:    Employee Benefit Market Trends and How They Affect Payroll Personnel

The cost of healthcare and prescription drugs are increasing at a rapid pace.  We will discuss the primary cost-drivers leading to the increase in premiums and how health plans can bend the cost curve over the long term.  There are many solutions available to employers, including: disease management and wellness, carrier selection and contract negotiations, narrow healthcare networks, and innovative health plan designs and strategies.

Technology also plays an important role in driving efficiency for HR and payroll.  Online enrollment, when implemented correctly, can ease the burden of ongoing benefit plan and payroll deduction maintenance.  We will discuss EDI file feeds and the importance of communication between HR, Payroll, and the insurance carriers.  Employers, also, have access to cutting-edge technology and mobile applications that allow for around-the-clock connectivity and immediate communication with employees.  When implemented correctly, both HR and Payroll can harness the power of technology, creating self-sufficient employees who feel valued, empowered, and appreciate their employer.



July 11, 2019

Address:  6303 Indiana at 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Speaker: TWC   Topic: Unemployment Cost Control

September 12, 2019

Address:  6303 Indiana at 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Speaker: Mike Baza    Topic: Cyber Security

Mike has spent most of his life in technology.  He was the guy that people in college went to for computer help, and this was at a school of nerds (The Colorado School of Mines).  While in college Mike got his degree in mechanical engineering and took graduate classes in International Political Economy.  After graduation, he moved back to Texas and looked for ‘fun’ jobs, of which he couldn’t find any so he started an IT company.  After a few years as a sole proprietor he took a job deploying wireless networks in large open pit mines around the US and Canada.  This gave insight into what many Fortune 500 companies do for IT services in their own companies and after 4 years of traveling and working with large mining companies he moved back to Lubbock and started Bazar Solutions, Inc. in December of 2009.

The Presentation:

Overview and evolution of Cyber Crime – We will look into how crime has evolved over the years, why hackers hack, what is the Dark Web and much more.  We will also look into what you can get on the dark web, what certain information is worth and best practices to keep yourself and your companies safe online.



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